I think it’s really sad when a girl writes a fb post asking for help to lose weight for her wedding in 3 weeks and wants information on fasting becasue she needs to lose weight fast.
I won’t go into details of the post but some of the info she posted was ringing alarm bells to me and I think professional help is needed but she’s getting 1 reply suggesting eating small healthy meals several times a day for every 5 messages that suggest some insane fad diet that, to me, makes the menu on america’s biggest loser sound like a menu for come dine with me!
I know I sell weight loss products and I know a lot of other ladies in the same group do and I have to say it has made me pretty proud that actually none of them have jumped on this girl and offered to sell to her to get a quick sale.
I was no supermodel on my wedding day, I still look back at my photos and cringe at the cellulite and the back fat and I remember the run up to the big day and the struggle I had with myself daily about how I was gonna look in my dress and what people would think I looked like.

Nice flattering shot for the abum :/
Check out that back fat!










Do you know what actually bothered me most on the day though? The fact I had lost a bit too much weight and my bloody dress (even at it’s tightest setting) kept slipping down!
Yes I have back fat and chubby orange peel arms in my wedding photos and yes my dress looks a bit crooked in a couple but in every single one I have a gorgeous husband with the biggest smile on his face (I do too in the ones I’m not stuffing my face with cake and chocolate strawberries! Don’t judge me! It was my wedding day and I regret nothing. 😀 ) and I had a wonderful day filled with love and family and friends!

It’s my wedding day I’ll eat crap if I want to!


My advice for anyone stressing about how you look for your wedding?
You’re having a wedding! That means someone loves you EXACTLY as you are now. They love you enough to want to commit to spending the rest of their time on this Earth with you! They aren’t gonna be fussed if you weigh less or more in 3 weeks or 30 years.

They love you now!

You don’t need to change because of what other people will think. Believe me when I say life is too short! Marry the person you love, be happy and eat the cake because if you’re happy and in love you already look bloody amazing!!