New year….new me – My new year resolutions and how I plan to stick to them.

2017 is soooo last year!

Today is the 1st day of a brand new year and it’s also a Monday. I don’t know about you but that just feels so right. I love the fresh feeling of a new week and to have it sync up with the new year pleases the crazy little lady that lives in my brain.

It’s the time of year to look back on the past and see where you can  make changes to improve your life going forward.
This year my goals are:

Lose weight (I know it’s a standard one but trust me it’s happening!)
Procrastinate less
Be more grateful
Make more ‘me’ time
Be more organised

Last year left me feeling like a clown juggling too many balls!
I was doing a but of everything and failing at them all.

This year is all about focus. Getting one thing sorted before moving onto something else.
Starting with this blog!

I thought blogging would be easy and I could bang out a post a day every day no problem…….yeah not so much!

So the plan is 1 new post a week with a bonus sharing Sunday post once a month.
That way I won’t burn out or run out interesting things to say or share with you.

Bring on the Bikinis!

Next is losing weight.
My plan was to get myself a Clean 9 cleanse to give me a kick up the backside and reset my systems ready to drop a couple of stone in time for summer.
Unfortunately I am still being held hostage to an adorable, tiny human who is still demanding I feed her millk twice a day at nap times so tha’s out for another month or so 🙁
So it’s off to Slimming world I go! Starting on Saturday I’ll be registering for the 3rd (and final) time. I’ve got rougly 8 stone to lose as I type this and it’s all gonne be shifted by this time next year!

Down the rabbit hole

Most of my procrastination coems from falling down rabbit holes in facebook or youtube land and I plan on doing less of it this year. I downloaded the book Eat That Frog!: Get More of the Important Things Done – Today! about 3 months ago and haven’t ggot round to reading it yet – Oh the irony!  Anyhoo I’ll be getting that ticked of my list this month.

Pamper Me!

I spend a lot (who am I kidding I spend ALL) my time running aorund doing stuff for others and I’ve spent most of the latter part of teh year felling run donw and being ill becasue of it. I’m getting grey hairs and I feel like I’ve aged about 10 years in 12 months.
This year I am taking a couple of hours every week just for me.
It could be getting my hair done, soaking in teh bath with a face mask or jusytspending an extra hour in bed sleeping or reading. Me time is importnant and I’m not going to neglect myself and end up ill again next christmas!

Pulling it all together

So to get all these big plans to come together I need to be more organised! I’ve got a calendar on teh wall, a weekly planner and a pretty new sparkly diary to keep in my bag so if stuff comes up while I’m out and about I can still keep track of whats happening when.

So this is my master plan to success in 2018.
I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.

All the best for this shiny new year 🙂