One of those weeks……but I’m still working hard and trying to save you some money!

Do you ever get days where it feels like everything is against you?
Having had the mindset training I have I know to try and look for the positives but let’s be honest life isn’t a bunch of roses for anybody no matter how strong their positive mindset!

This week my gratitude journal has been getting half a page entries rather than the full page I strive for each day.
It feel like I’ve had everything thrown at me this week!
Hubby’s cousin who inspired me to write a post about grabbing life with both hands and living the fuck out of it lost her 4 year long fight with cancer, my wonderful mother in law has been poorly and needed an operation, my Nan had a fall and broke her hip, the kids have been ill non stop all week and Pud had some tests done and I have to wait all weekend to find out why the dr needs to talk to me about the results!

Having to deal with all that is basically the reason the posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately. (Don’t even get me started on the weight loss plan! It’s gone the wrong way completely!)

On the plus side, I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied by planning some exciting new photoshoots and launching my new money saving shopping group on Facebook!
The plan is to try and bring you money saving offers and gift ideas for those hard to buy for people in your life.
Check out the page here: The Hopeless Housewife Shopping Group

I’m hoping that normal service will be resumed next week…that said, I did name this blog the hopelss housewife for a reason……just saying 😉

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