Living like a 50’s housewife? Oh go on then!

I don’t know about you but Thursday on my social media feeds tend to contain more than a handful of throwback thursday posts. So I figure if you can’t beat them join them!

I’m going to dedicate a post on Thursdays to looking back at weird and/ or wonderful housewife related things from the past.

Today we will start with a 1950’s housewife’s routine.
If you google the housework routine of a 1950’s housewife you will be met with a very long list that makes me wilt looking at it let alone actually doing it! Thankfully the huge exhausting looking list was more of a guide to aspire to than a factual way of life document!

Still though there is something about the 50’s way of doing things that sees the era making a bit of a style comeback. With that in mind I’m going to have a week of trying to live like a 1950’s housewife to see if it can improve the way I do things.

When it comes to the housework I tend to be a bit of a slob. I will leave it all until half an hour before Hubs comes home then rush around like a mad thing and collapse on the sofa minutes before he comes in.
It’s a method I’ve come to rely on in order of having any kids of chance of the house looking nice for when he comes in from work.
Cleaning in the mornings is made redundant by the time he comes home as the kids can destroy a room to ruins in less than 10 minutes when they are in the mood!

Living like a 50's housewife
Can I hack living like a 50’s housewife?

So starting today I am up with the birds and will wipe down the bathroom while I wash and dress.

6:45am is breakfast time and I will load the used bowls/ plates straight into the dishwasher (I said TRYING to live like a 50’s housewife not doing it religiously! πŸ˜‰ ) instead of hanging around on the worktop until I have nothing left to et from like normal.

7:15am Hubs goes out to work and the kids will be washed and dressed and I’ll make the beds and start a load of laundry.

8:15am the washing will be done and I can hang it out or on the airer inside if the weather is bad.

8:40 and we leave for school drop off, straight from school it’s time to go to the shops and pick up anything needed for lunches and dinners.

9:30 Start tidying upstairs. The bathroom has been wiped round and the beds are made but theer is dusting to do and maybe a bit of clutter can be cleared as well as some laundry to be put away from yesterday.

11am Run the hoover around upstairs and then it’s feed and naptime for smallest child.

11:45 School pick up (the boy child is on adjustment days between pre school and school so is only on till lunchtime for now)

12:30pm Lunchtime. Probably sandwiches but I’ll sit and eat with the kids instead of flitting around tidying here and there and actually eat something myself instead of just snacking on crap later!

1pm Tidy the kitchen including a quick wipe down of the fridge shelves and oven, start the dishwasher and mop the floor.

2pm Tidy the living room, dust and take out any obvious clutter then hoover downstairs and I’m done.

By now the kids will be feeling utterly neglected so I’ll sit and spend a bit of quality time with them before Hubs comes home around 4:30 when I’ll start dinner and reload the dishwasher and sort the dry laundry to put away.

I imagine I’ll fall into bed soon after the kids after the amount of housework I’ll be doing and teh aim is to keep this up all week!

I’ll keep you posted!

B xx



I’m so lost…..and I like it!

As you may be aware my iphone is currently in intensive care after her (hopefully) near death experience in the pool.
I always like to think that I can do just fine without my phone around but the truth is I feel like I have hacked off my left arm and have left in a cuboard upstairs! It’s quite unnerving, but also a little freeing too.

I’m going to do the pre school drop off soon and normally I’ll have a message or a call to handle while I’m there and end up ignoring everyone (including the kids) to get it sorted before I get distracted and forget (it happens…..a lot!) but not today.

Today I get to be free from the takeaway tech.
It’s become so convienient having our tiny technical gods always to hand to help us with anything life throws our way.


My maths teacher actually said “yes you need to learn this unless you want to carry a calculator around with 24/7 in life!”Β  – I feel sorry for maths teachers nowdays because,Β  to the new generation, there really is no need to learn anything. Just use your phone!

Am I too connected to my phone?
Our tiny technical pocket gods and 24/7 calculator.

I’m not even sure how I got so dependent on it! I was the last generation to grow up without mobile technology. When mother wanted to use the landline we had to get off the internet!

In the past I have actually downgraded my smart phone to a good ol’ fashioned Nokia brick.
It was handy to be able to make calls and texts without the distractions of fb and twitter.
But actually what I think I will miss most is having my camera always to hand.

I have a camera, but it’s a huge DSLR and is not practical to just whip out and take a pic of the kids when they are being cute. I can forgo Facebook and twitter and even my clash of clans game for a bit but I will miss my always ready pocket camera.

Maybe a bit of human interaction will make up for my feeling of loss……….time will tell.

B xx

Who’s got an iphone that can’t be used?……This girl!

It’s a beautiful hot sunny day today.
The kids are home, bored, getting under my feet and trashing the house faster than IΒ  can clean it.

I thought I’d keep them occupied by getting the small paddling pool out for a splashing cool time! πŸ˜€

Middle child is a bit obsessed with his technology so being the well organised and careful mother I am I took away his ipad and placed it out of reach.
Oldest child is in charge of watching him while I feed and get small child down for her nap.
I come back to find oldest child engrossed in a video on youtube on TV and middle child playing happily and more dangerous, in my mind, he’s quiet!

Drying out my iphone.
My iphone went for a swim today!

Yes that’s right he’s got my phone and he’s sat in the pool!! πŸ™
Not gonna lie I died a little inside as I lay eyes on my poor dead iphone in the (4 inches) depths of the inflatable assassin of technology.

I’ve rescued her and wrapped her in a towelΒ  and now she will languish in the dark, lonely confines of the airing cuboard in an iron lung consisting of a plastic bag full of silica beads, in a full state of cardiac arrest!
Now I wait…..and I pray. This is not the first time she’s gone through such an ordeal in her short life and I am hoping against hope she can pull through although it’s not looking good! πŸ™
Send me positive vibes people! I’m going to need all the help I can get!

B xx

PS No instagram posts will be happening until I get her back up and running sorry x

Getting to know you

Hey friends!

Welcome to my place!

This is me and my crazy cute dog Norris!

The hopeless Housewife - Belle and her dog.
Me and my crazy, cute dog Norris.

(I was planning to share a picture of my family but wrangling into one photo is nigh on impossible!)

Today is basically a quick insight into my life.
I’m 36, married to Hubs (not his real name obviously) with 3 kids.
M is 15, Pud is 5 and Pip is almost 1.
We live in a fixer upper house in Essex, UK
My son is autistic and non verbal so I try to fit a couple of work from home ‘jobs’ around his and the rest of the family’s needs.

Getting to know all about you…

Things I like:

  • My small but crazy circle of friends.
  • Pink
  • Sparkles
  • Unicorns
  • Sleep
  • Photography
  • Chocolate
  • Being creative
  • Shopping
  • A tidy house
  • Animals

Things I dislike:

  • Spiders/ bugs
  • Laundry
  • Hot drinks
  • Judgy people
  • Feeling bored
  • Bullying

This blog is intended to be my sounding bored and a place to record my journey as I try to organise the chaos that is my life and home.

So that’s me in a nutshell.
Tell me something about yourself. πŸ™‚

B xx