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Drink more water!

It’s something I always say I should pay more attention to. I often get headaches that are cured quickly after I drink a big glass of water!
Check out this awesome post from Positive Health Wellness for more information about drinking enough water.

I stumbled across this gem whilst looking through some of my facebook pages to network with! I’m so ordering one of these from Hydrate M8!


A fun way to drink enough water.
This is not Gin….or is it? 😉
GReat way to get kids to drink more water!
They do a cute kids range as well!








Bee pollen tablets

Ok first off I want to make it clear this is a shameless plug for my own website!
Now that’s out of the way let me tell you why I love these tablets. I have had a hugely busy week and as usual, the smallest child has not decided to try and destroy me via the sleep deprivation method!
Some people that use these tablets report getting a bit of an energy buzz (pardon the pun) after taking them (my brother is actually a huge fan of these when he needs to get the housework done before the Mrs gets home! :p ) For me though it’s more a case of just keeping steady and not dropping off to sleep at lunchtime which I consider a win these days!

Victoria Beckham has advertised the stuff (not this particular brand mind you) as a great superfood boost sprinkled on her cereal and a superfood indeed it is! For more real and a superfood indeed it is! For more details, you can check out the blurb on the website 🙂

My midday nap is no more thanks to my bee pollen tablets
Bee pollen tablets from Forever Living.
Direct link to Bee Pollen tablets



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