Finding your Monday Morning Motivation

Mondays are hard!

Having a business in Network Marketing means I see people spamming Facebook constantly with posts about how they love Monday which, I believe is supposed to trick the general, employed, public into thinking their life is somehow better because of their “awesome” business!

I can honestly say though being in Network Marketing myself, Mondays mornings are just as hard on me as they are on Hubs when he has to drag himself out of bed to go to a job he hates.

Finding motivation can be tough but there are a few things you can do to help.

  1. Have a solid morning routine.
    A good morning routine starts the night before. Getting enough sleep will set you up for a good day ahead. As the mother of a 10-month-old who still wakes several times a night, I believe I’m more than qualified on the subject of sleep deprivation and how it can ruin your day!
    Wake up with enough time to do everything you need to do (make sure you include time for breakfast!) plus an extra 5 – 10 minutes to allow for any unplanned activity.

    How to find your Monday morning motivation.
    Thinking positive takes practice but it can have a huge positive impact on your life.


  2. Think Positive
    I used to scoff at the idea of the law of attraction but I’ve actually seen it in action! It’s insane!
    As part of my morning routine, I spend 5 minutes each morning writing a gratitude journal.
    Basically, I list a bunch of stuff I am thankful for each morning. I find it sets up my brain to focus on the good things more than the bad and as much as you may be laughing now I urge you to at least give it a try for a month and see what you think.

    How to rock your Monday morning.
    Setting your brain up in the morning will help you see the all the good things in your day.

I know it sounds mad but if your morning is going well and you have your 5 – 10-minute allowance going spare, find an upbeat song you love and dance like no one is watching.
Swedish researchers, writing in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, have found that dancing can improve problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression! If having a boogie round the kitchen table while you cook breakfast isn’t your thing try some gentle stretches. Anything to get your body moving is a win and will help your get pumped up for the day ahead.

I’ve created a youtube playlist to help me get going in the mornings (and with the housework or just when I’m having a rough day to cheer me up) you can find it on my youtube channel by clicking below.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you 🙂
Have a great Monday and a great week ahead <3

B xx

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