Sunday summary – planning the week ahead.

Sunday is the day I use to plan out my week ahead.
All apointment on the calendar get moved onto the notice board so they are right in your face and can be seen by everyone at a glance any time they enter the kitchen which means I don’t  have to explain over and over what’s on for the week…..which means a win for me! 🙂

Planning the week ahead - My 'in your face' notice board for all the family to see.
My ‘in your face’ notice board.

Sunday is now also a day for sharing some details on small businesses I follow on social media and that I love! Some I have used personally, some I plan to, some I probably won’t ever need to use but have networked with the people involved and trust them to give a great service should you ever choose to use them yourselves! (keep an eye out for that post later on today)

My week ahead

So next week is a busy one (for the kids at least, which means more stress and worry for me!)
M has her first day at college for an orientation day, Pud is spending a full day at his new school (without his usual 1:1 for some of it! 😮 ) and then a half day without said 1:1 later on in the week as well as an end of year picnic with the pre school which involves some begging from me to my dad as we can’t get there without a car!

Monday sees me pick up the 1950’s housewife routine regardless of how bad the kids are! (I mean the mums in the 50’s had to get on with it regardless right?!)
I also need to find time to work on my 2 work from home businesses and keep the kids entertained! It’s gonna be interesting, especially seeing as I’m feeling decidedly under the weather today, but I’m going to grin and bare it and see if I can get it all done.

I’m also planning a few of my blog and social media posts and scheduling them today to lighten the load during the week.
I will still be checking in every day though. Checking my viewing figures each morning is a bit adictive to be honest. I’m hoping the excitement wil fade over time but knowing me I doubt it. 😀

Wishing you a happy and productive week ahead.

B xx


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